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Ghost Pepper + Peach Preserve

Excitingly spicy yet balanced with the sweetness of summer peaches. Our Cordon Bleu chef brilliantly discovered that the beauty of the ghost pepper is that while the pepper provide "heat" or the spice-factor, the pepper itself does not have any distinct flavor. Therefore, one is able to taste the sweet and aromatic flavor of peaches but, just with a little kick! On the contrary, if one was to cook with a jalapeno pepper for example, you would be able to taste the distinct flavor of the jalapeno; especially more so when it is cooked. That is what makes our ghost pepper peach preserve so unique, because there is no conflicting pepper taste and just the right amount of heat to wake up one's palate. This gourmet preserve can also be used as a condiment with savory bites or as a finishing sauce and glaze. Add it to any grilled cheese sandwich for a guaranteed MMmmmm! Available in 9oz jars.