Seasonal Preserves

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  • Seasonal Preserves made in small batches highlight the true essence of fruit. We only use seasonally-fresh fruit predominately grown in local organic farms and markets. Each one of these delightful preserves is made with unique Artisan flair, thereby creating preserves of fruit you can experience.

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    Ghost Pepper + Peach Preserve

    Excite and entice with this amazingly delicious preserve. Read More>

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    Kadota Fig Preserve

    Kadota figs, cooked delicately to perfection. A touch of rosewater complements the natural aroma of the figs. Read More>

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    Persimmon Preserve

    Seasonally unique, capturing the essence of Winter. Read More>

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    Pineapple + Mango + Kiwi

    Flavorful fruits gently cooked to perfection, maintaining their natural flavors. Read More>

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    Quince+Apple+Cranberry Preserve

    Unique to its season. Read More>

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    Raspberry Peach Champagne Preserve

    Can't go wrong with Raspberries and Champagne! Read More>

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    Shoe String Carrots + Orange Peel

    Winner of gourmet food awards 2011. This gourmet preserve can also be used as condiments with savory bites or as a finishing sauce. Read More>

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    Strawberry + Lemon Zest

    Organic Strawberries bursting with flavor and a touch of Lemon Zest make this preserve extraordinary. Read More>

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    Strawberry + Rhubarb

    This is not your ordinary strawberry rhubarb preserve. Read More>

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