About Us

Grace & I

Grace&I was established by two women, true foodies at heart and devoted to sharing extraordinary gourmet products that have been handcrafted to perfection in small batches. Being creative with the abundance that exists in nature is in our marrow and we absolutely love to create new exciting, enticing, and delightful products for other fellow foodies.

Grace&I is honored to highlight true culinary Artisan Mastery with the creator of our Fruit+Nut Presses and join forces with one of our Le'Cordon Bleu Chefs.

Grace&I has achieved high regard in culinary reputation with our distinct Artisan touch and are committed to maintaining our mark of sophistication and exclusivity. Similarly, we have incorporated high standards as a business with Green Certification and dedicated supporters of Local Farms+Markets and those raising awareness about living well, eating organic, and consciously natural. We are bringing more than 75 years of tradition and our passion together to share our extraordinary collection of Turshi condiments, small batch Seasonal Preserves, Fruit+Nut Presses, Gourmet Roasted Nuts and more..... welcome! kissheadfindefaqsfoot